Wood Properties

Before purchasing a wooden product, you should be aware of the properties of wood. What should you pay attention to and take into account, what is normal, what isn’t? Some things simply belong to this raw material, while you might think you have purchased an inferior quality. In order to clarify this matter, we will list a couple of typical properties of wood.

Colour difference:  
Grenen Vuren Kleurverschil Geimpregneerd Prestige Garden Each tree has a different shape, size and colour. No tree is identical. For this reason, colour differences are logical. By the way, these colour difference might also arise during processing. In the course of time they will disappear by the influence of sunlight. Be aware that untreated wood, such as all Douglas garden furniture and playground equipment, will become grey in the course of time due to weather influences. This grey colour can, if desired, be avoided by slightly sandpapering and resining the wood.
Resin drops:   
Grenen Vuren Hars Uitvloeien Prestige Garden During storage and processing the wood will begin to “warp”, which might result into resin drops with softwood. It’s a natural phenomenon. If desired, you can remove these drops by means of turpentine.
Mould and blue deposit:  
Grenen Vuren Schimmelvlekken Prestige Garden Especially in summer / in hot weather so-called blue deposit could appear. This mould doesn’t influence the strength of the wood and can easily be washed down by means of water. If you don’t do anything, the fungus will automatically disappear due to weather influences.
Salt formation on  impregnated wood:   
Grenen Vuren Groene Vlekken (1) Wood which is impregnated under high pressure contains  salt, avoiding the wood to be affected by moulds and insects. Now and then you will notice green or white spots (also big spots): resin coloured by these salts. These issues don’t influence the sustainability of the wood. After some time it will disappear automatically.
Cracks and splits:  
Grenen Vuren Scheuren Prestige Garden During the drying process or during dry periods, cracks and splits might arise due to a non-uniform wood structure, especially with round wood. Dependent on the weather conditions (e.g. rain, dry weather, sun or shadow) the wood might be cracked to a greater or lesser extent. These cracks and splits are allowed according to the DIN 4074 norm.


Prestige-Garden selects its wood with the best possible care and tries to avoid these cracks.


Wood protection

Prestige-Garden products will serve your child a long time if you restore the wooden surface regularly (once every 4-5 years)

During the daily production process, Prestige-Garden complies with the exact pressure impregnation technology and uses high-quality impregnation materials Tanalith® E. It is a water-based wood protective, which contains copper and organic biocides (azoles).

Tanalith® E treated timber has a lasting protection against fungi, insects and woodworm attacks, during the contact with the atmosphere and the earth.

Wood products treated with Tanalith®E are safe to use on applications involving contact with children and other frequent human contact situations. None of the ingredients in Tanalith®E are considered to be toxic or harmful at the levels present in the timber.