Assembly and safety regulations

Installation- and safety instructions playground equipment

Dear parents, please take some time prior to installation to read the installation- and safety instructions thoroughly.

This playground equipment is an unique playing system which meets the safety demands in conformity with DIN EN 71-8:2011 toys for domestic use.

Important information prior to installation:

You must exclusively use supplied components and accessories.

  1. Installation must be carried out by adults.
  2. An incorrect installation relieves the manufacturer of liability. So, don’t deviate from the installation instructions, don’t change design or construction.
  3. Safety distances:

The distance to other constructions and obstacles (fence, gate, clothesline) must be at least 2m.

The space under the swing seat must be at least 35 cm in condition of rest. The distance between swing and frame must be 60 cm on each side. In case two swings are mounted, the distance between both swings must be 45 cm, distance between swing and frame must be 60 cm on both sides.

Dimensions and safety area is determined according to this rule of thumb: Chain length / swing-rope length + 2 m.

  1. The surface under the playground equipment must be soft and springy. All hard, non-resilient surfaces like concrete and asphalt are not allowed.
  2. Fall protection materials in conformity with DIN EN 1177 are appropriate: – shock absorbing surfaces – sand until 2 mm, gravel 2-8mm, woodchips 5-30 mm and bark 20-80 mm. Layers of at least 20-30 mm must be used.
  3. Always observe the instructions of the manufacturer. Attention: wood impregnated by boiler pressure can only be painted after a couple of weeks, as it has to dry first. Wooden components must be treated with diffusion-open wood glaze which guarantees a continuous moisture exchange. It is not allowed to use lacquer or finishing wood paint as they create a slippery surface and are dangerous for kids. Besides, finishing lacquers avoid a required moisture exchange and stimulate decay.
  4. Always test the playground equipment after installation. Kids can start playing as soon as the playground equipment is complete, all materials have been removed and it has passed the stability and safety tests.
  5. In incorrect use relieves the manufacturer of liability. The same goes for mounting extra, not supplied, heavy materials, bars and ropes.
  6. You are responsible for supervising your kids
  7. The playground equipment and its components is for domestic use only, not for public places.
  8. Always check the entire playground equipment on stability and reliability.

All parts and connections must regularly be checked.

In case irreparable defects or damages are found, access to the playground equipment must be denied.

  1. Children under 3 are unfortunately not allowed to use the playground equipment.


Below mentioned tools & materials are required:

  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Shove / spade / spirit level or ruler
  • Hammer / nails
  • Cordless drill / bits for torx and cross
  • 19 mm wrench
  • 2 clamp screws
  • Sandpaper (to remove sharp parts – cutting edges)



You must save the installation manual, parts list and all enclosed documents. Your playground equipment has been produced with the best possible care. Should you, in spite of this, have a complaint, please hand your dealer the serial number and the proof of payment.

More tips for parents:

Prior to installation

  • Check if the playground equipment is complete and if all components have been delivered (check parts list)
  • The safety zone is explained in enclosed plan
  • The installation manual contains supply useful information.
  • Rough-drill holes and use a hand-drill with a 2mm smaller diameter than the screw diameter.


After installation

  • Check if all screws, nuts, bolts are ok
  • Check if all connections are ok. Immediately screw tighter loose parts
  • Check if the playground equipment is slippery. Materials which are exposed to weather might get slippery.
  • Check stability and reliability


More tips for playing kids:

To avoid accidents, please make sure your kids will never:

  • Wear clothes, which might get stuck in nets, rings, cracks, components. Avoid clothes with long ropes, cords and loose clothes.
  • Hang upside-down on wooden components
  • Walk before, behind or between moving, swinging parts. They have to wait until swinging parts are in condition of rest again.

Take below mentioned instructions into account as well:

  • Playground equipment is for domestic use only
  • Only suitable for use in open air
  • Adults are responsible for supervision
  • 3 kids at the same time
  • Extra ground anchors required
  • Not allowed for children under 3
  • Recommended age: 3-14 years old
  • Contains copper carbonate and sodium, sodium dodecyl sulphate-sodium-methyl-poly-oxyethylene-ammonium propionate. NO Chrome !