About us

Prestige-Garden develops, manufactures and sells safe outdoor-toys and within Europe. The company is located in Putten, The Netherlands.

All steps from design and production to final marketing of our quality products are considered important and are realized within Prestige-Garden.

Safety for Child and Parent comes first and is taken into account during the developing process. Using high-quality materials and producing a value-added product  is a basic condition for Prestige-Garden.

Our vision:

If children play outside actively they develop all required skills allowing them to grow up healthy and strengthen their social behaviour together with other kids. Originally, choice for design, type of toy and applied materials has been starting point for any decision...

Our mission:

As manufacturer and distributor we are always looking for innovative products which have a positive impact on the well-being of human and animal (Welness). The used materials and designs must always make a positive contribution to this. Products of Prestige-Garden should immediately feel like a warm blanket and create a positive feeling.

Our goal:

Developing and manufacturing wonderful, timeless, value-added products for parent and child. Besides, we wish to further launch the Dutch design in Europa by tapping distribution channels outside the Benelux.

Treat yourself to the best……….choose Prestige-Garden!