Premium 1.2 double wooden swing (2p)

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EAN: 8717953191441
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Double swing de Luxe made of square timber:

Model Premium 1.1

Wonderful, extremely solid single swing made of square timber (9x9) by Prestige-Garden - Delta 

This particular saw pattern guarantees warp-proof swing poles, without any cracks. This swing has a very durable connection between upper beam and poles and meets the strictest standards.

Besides all mentioned, positive characteristics square timber creates a luxurious appearance as well. Its robust design fits in both modern and classic gardens. This swing construction is mainly known in Scandinavia and Germany and will now be introduced to Benelux countries by Prestige-Garden as well.

These types of swings have the latest TÜV-certificate and meet all new strict safety standards.

All Prestige-Garden-Delta swings have been made of impregnated softwood poles. Their saw pattern guarantees warp-proof poles, without cracks (ATTENTION: wood keeps warping). This wood is also called square timber. This saw pattern is the best solution to avoid above mentioned disadvantages. Roundwood for example will always have these problems as the outer rings will show more shrinkage than the inner rings or heartwood (it is also called width cracks). It might result into 2cm cracks with a pole diameter of 8cm and into splintering as well! In spite of the fact that square timber is a much more intractable material, Prestige-Garden - Delta has chosen square timber. The wood must be sawed, planed and milled, yet guarantees a wonderful result: a robust swing for lots of fun and an eye-catcher for your garden.


PS: all holes have been rough-drilled. You only need to mount the swing.