1) Delivery reliability & Quality control:

Delivery reliability

By means of own development, production and trade channels, Prestige-Garden aims at offering an excellent delivery reliability. We offer 2 possibilities:

1) Delivery from stock or

2) Delivery from previously reserved numbers (forecast). In high season we strive for having and delivering 95% from stock. It goes without saying that previously reserved numbers offer an even higher delivery reliability. (For big toys as playhouses, swings, playtowers is always forecast required)


Quality control

Safety comes first, quality comes second. For this reason we continuously carry out (IPC) quality controls. During dispatch output control is always carried out.


2) Chromeless impregnation according to current standards:

Prestige-Garden impregnates all play houses and playground equipment under high pressure according to the current standards, so without environmentally harmful chrome. After impregnation pinewood will have durability class 3/4 which can be compared with high-quality tropical wood.  The fungicidal and insecticidal product will have a prolonged life.


3) Orders:

Orders based on forecast or previously reserved numbers require a 30% down-payment. The entire outstanding amount must have been paid before delivery.


4) Deliveries

Delivery can take place in various ways:

  1. Delivery to your address

At all times, you are responsible for supplying the right delivery address. Costs which result from erroneous addressing will be at your account.

Deliveries can take place through parcel post or through delivery companies. Small parcels will be delivered by means of parcel post. If desired, we can give you the track & trace details.

Orders will usually be delivered within 3 working days (Holland + Belgium + Germany). Customized orders have other delivery times (check more info under product data on the website). We try to deliver these special orders within 3 weeks.


5) Collecting

In some cases you can collect your order. It should be agreed and planned in advance. In general these orders must be registered at least 24 hours in advance.  

6) Complaints and return shipments:

Complaints should always be filed in writing (E-Mail). Below mentioned terms are valid:

- Defects, wrong deliveries and transport damage: 2 working days.

- Other cases: 5 working days.

Attention: In case of return shipments: Orders are EXCLUSIVELY placed with transporter by Prestige-Garden. Return shipments which have not been approved and by Prestige-Garden are not accepted. Transport costs can be recovered from the client.

In case of return shipments…you are responsible for a good and adequate packaging. Not Prestige-Garden or the transporter!

We will only accept products which are returned in undamaged condition.


7) General conditions:

For our other conditions we refer to our General Conditions which can be found on our website.


8) Registered trademarks:

Prestige-Garden / Prestige-Toys / Prestige-Furniture are registered trademarks and may not be used without express permission.


9) Contact data:



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3880 AA Putten

The Netherlands

Tel: +31-(0)341 265151